A matter of moments

What if connection happens in a matter of moments? 
What if we could hear, sense and feel when it comes? 

If it were difficult connecting with someone we loved, could it be they weren’t in the space to connect at the moment? Could it be possible that they would be ready in another moment? 

Maybe it’s in the morning moments? 
Or maybe it’s in the car moments? 

What kind of space would you have to be in to sense whether or not the special person you want to connect with is ready or needs more space/time? 


What if we started sensing rather than forcing?
What if the special connection you want can happen in the next moment?

Would you embrace it? 

“Usually people talk about love, but they talk about passion, the attraction and passion and all that. And we know it doesn’t work.”
— Jeanne Moreau

This was written by James Wong.