Best Love in the World?

Is seriously underrated. 


Every year, more than 40,000 people graduate from law school in the United States. The top 1% about 40 people are awarded supreme court clerkships. These top 1% have a career for life. Top law firms easily pay a signing bonus of $250,000+ to any clerk that accepts their offer to join them and they eventually become partners, judges, and senators. 

Let’s look at two things worth paying attention to… The first is that the top 1% individuals weren’t lucky. Their parents didn’t buy them supreme court clerkships. No, they were smart and focused and amazingly disciplined. 

The second thing is that any one of the 40,000+ graduates could have been awarded. The reason these clerks graduated law school is because they were smart, focused and amazing disciplined. But why weren’t they awarded?

The reason 99% of graduates didn’t have a chance is because somewhere along the way either in high school, college or law school, they gave up their pursuit to be the best in the world. 


Having an amazing relationship is seriously underrated. We think because it’s in our very nature, our very biology that we should be in a relationship and it should be at least decent. And if were lucky, the best in the world. But if it’s not, it’s his fault, what an asshole. Or it’s her fault, what a bitch. We leave with scars searching for the next person that might give us the relationships we fantasize for. Or worse we stay... suffocating in the very relationship that we thought would make us the happiest because we’re too afraid of what being alone means about us. 

Somewhere along the way either after our first relationship as teenagers or fifth as adults, we gave up our pursuit on having the best love in the world. 


The best love in the world is for the top 1%. The best love in the world takes being smart, always practicing, learning and experimenting with what would make the relationship better. The best love in the world takes being focused, never making the current circumstances bigger than the overall relationship. The best in love takes being amazingly disciplined, choosing compassion over attacking one another.  

We are all entitled to the best love in the world. Did we give up?

There’s nothing is more satisfying than love.

This was written by James Wong.