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The Initiative:

  • Story / Messaging Strategy
  • Logo & Brand Archetype 
  • Business Collateral
  • Sales Material
  • Photography 
  • Company Introductory Packet
  • Email Marketing Campaign
  • Website Design 

The Possibility: 

Sometimes entrepreneurs are so talented in so many areas they have a hard time selling what they do. 

Extraordinary Real Estate aka Matt Manner came to us with one purpose in mind: develop a brand to position all of his talents into something special-- something worth talking about. 

First we needed to create a brand that would encompass all of the brands. We called her Extraordinary Living. 

A brand that promotes the idea that you have exactly one life to do everything you'll ever do, so why not create legacies?

Then we branded 4 divisions under Extraordinary Living that highlights what Matt has always offered but now clearer than ever. 

The result is a timeless brand that showcases a business leader's full personality and capabilities.