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The Initiative:

The Possibility:

When brands want to be leading brands, they focus on one thing: Innovation. That’s what we could feel when we first met Henrik Fisker and his team, Fisker Inc. Their ideas to revolutionize the electric automotive industry were never heard of. From their battery technology to their detailed and unparalleled approach to the driving experience, it was no wonder they have such a loyal following.

We were brought in to lead the branding and digital marketing of Fisker’s relaunch of their brand and new luxury electric car.

With innovative ideas, come innovative design. What was once fragmented is now integrated and seamless. What was once complex is now simple. What was once misrepresented is now clearly understood. Today, branding success doesn't just lie in crafting an image, but blending a passion for quality, innovation, and head-turning results.


Brands are more than just business, they are intimate relationships, something you include as part of your life and share. There’s a special reason why you go to Whole Foods or Equinox or Starbucks. There’s a special reason why you drive a BMW or shop at Zara or use Spotify. These special reasons make the purchase much more delightful.