The Initiative:

  • Naming 
  • Business Brand Strategy
  • Marketing Message
  • Logo Design 
  • Digital Brand Collateral
  • Image consulting
  • Social Media Design 
  • Website Design 


The Possibility:

Something we are proud to acknowledge is our vast experience working with experts in their industry. Our client Jason Hansra, has built a rapidly growing business around helping people recognize their life dreams and giving them tools and strategies to live it out. Like most experts today, Jason needed a well executed plan to continue growing his online fan base and his client base. The biggest challenge most experts have to is one, selling their expertise and two, visually presenting themselves in a way that transcends people’s skeptical nature.

We first started on Jason’s expert story position which validates and sells potential clients on who he is and gives them a lense to see him through. Then we developed an integrated product and service suite he would offer his clients from one-on-one coaching to live events to future digital products like books and webinars. 

From there, we crafted his entire personal brand image into something remarkable, something worth paying attention to. An authority and leader to follow.