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The Initiative:

  • Story / Messaging Strategy
  • Logo 
  • Photoshoot & Styling
  • Album Cover 
  • Event Posters
  • Merchandise
  • Website Design 

The Possibility:

Keely understood you don’t need a record label to launch a music career. You don't need a ridiculous amount of money to make a lasting impression, either.

All you need is a ton of imagination and effort and drive. 

We started by defining and refining Keely's captivating story. Messaging was crucial. We wanted to attract the gay/lesbian community. And we wanted to inspire ambition.

Collaborating with Keely was a phenomenal feat of discovering who she was, how she wanted to inspire her listeners, and head turning productions that represented her favorably. 

As Keely continues to make music and grow, we know the music identity we helped her create will not only win the hearts of her ever growing fan base but also give her leverage when competing record labels start calling.