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The Initiative:

The Possibility:

As our first and longest client, we’re proud to say we’ve helped KW Los Feliz reach a billion dollars in yearly gross sale volume. We started with KW Los Feliz in 2013 when their yearly gross sale volume was $475,760,000 and have help them grow by 40% every year since. From the beginning we knew KW Los Feliz would work tirelessly to be the number one real estate office in the city and win the hearts of the now +350 agents that hang their license at their office. 

Our involvement focused the one thing that would drive gross sale volume: Recruitment. We were brought on board to implement unique marketing and recruiting strategies to attract more agents to join their office. While the average real estate brokerage recruited 2 Realtors per month, we worked with KW Los Feliz to average 12 recruits a month using traditional and digital strategies that were never utilized in the real estate industry before. 

As we’ve continued to grow with KW Los Feliz, we’re ecstatic to elevate their traditional tactics and guide them into the digital era.

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