The Initiative:

The Possibility:

Being young and ambitious, we have a special place in our hearts for startups. Especially when the idea executed well could change the lives of millions of people. When Tiffany and John came to us to brand their start-up that they envisioned to compete against the giant, Wikipedia, we were fascinated... how?

Unetizen's mission is to build the most comprehensive online knowledge source ever, and offering people the opportunity to be compensated for contributing by sharing in the future profits. Unetizen is created, managed and updated by people like you, all around the world, with the goal to collect the most complete live database on every topic through our articles, news, and forum Q&A’s.

As we audited our clients current branding needs, we joined the team to develop the overall brand experience, find better ways to articulate the technology and it’s universal benefits, and launch a branding and marketing strategy through the Greatest Package.


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