How People Fall in Love

I've missed writing, so I'm going to make this good.

Can I let you in on something? Happily-ever-after is a lie. The extraordinary eventually becomes ordinary. Accomplishments eventually become things you and I did and life is ready for it's next chapter. 

So for 2015 I'm back to writing. This new season has a new name.
It's called How People Fall in Love.


Love is everything I believe in. It's how we think when we brand and design companies. It's where we start when planning marketing campaigns. It's what makes Apple, Disneyland, Keller Williams, Lululemon, Chipotle, Hello Kitty, GoPro, Zara, Bottega Louie, Ray-Ban, Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anthony Robbins and Harry Potter so successful. 

It makes sense to me that there is no surefire path to love. Those who feel love, practice love. They never settle. My role, from me to you, is to capture my insights on love and share it in a way that'll spark something in you. 


More specifically, I'm interested in how people fall in love. Over the course of this year, I'm going to introduce to you one kind of love from another: to personal love, universal love, business love, celebrity love, messy love, crazy love, infused with a lust for life, lived through the grace of stumbling, demonstrated through the beauty of vulnerability. 


We're here to be gorgeously human. Flawed and fabulous, sharing our successes in business and life with the people we love. So you and me, let's get into love. 

Anything but love is a waste of time.

This publication was written by James Wong.