Verge Collective is a team of designers, writers, digital marketers, dreamers, artists, and visionaries; those driven by an uncontrollable urge to create, explore and achieve. Since 2012, Verge Collective has become one of LA's fastest growing agencies, creating brand identities and marketing strategies for over 300 creative business leaders and entrepreneurs.


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We create because we can’t stop. It’s what we do. It’s who we are.

At Verge Collective, every branding initiative is meaningful.

We lead clients from strategy to execution focusing on brand marketing, growth strategy, demand creation, content marketing, customer acquisition, digital marketing, and creative development. Throughout the process, clients grow because we're not shy when it comes to getting them the right kind of attention.


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Verge Collective positions brands for growth and presents them in a way that's so delightful, so distinctive, that it becomes a competitive advantage.

We believe that strategic planning, quality design and thoughtful execution can produce captivating brands and engaged audiences. With a multi-disclipinary creative team, our capabilities are only limited by our imaginations.




How we build a remarkable company

We cultivate relationships with people that we believe we can help. We maximize our team’s talents to maximize results. We focus on how fast we can make you happy.



James Wong
Chief Energizing Officer

Daniel "Ocean" Rodriguez
Design Director


Montana Rose
Creative Brand Consultant

Ali Abbas
Brand Designer

Matthew J. Kyle
Director of Copywriting


Andrea Dominguez
Video Production Director

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Blake Lopez
Brand Growth Strategist

Rey Antonio
Digital Marketing Director



If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


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