The Initiative:

• Naming 
• Marketing Message 
• Marketing Plan
• Logo Design
• Apparel Design 
• Apparel Production 
• Website Design 
• Social Media Marketing
• Media Buying & Advertising


The Possibility:

Branding has laws to be followed. One to remember is the Law of Contraction. A brand becomes stronger when you narrow its focus. When Steven reached out to us from Chicago to imagine, plan, and execute a new fitness apparel line, we knew we had to narrow its focus to a very specific group of people. These people would be the quiet ones, the underestimated ones. The ones who devote their time to fitness and strength but not for others to notice but for themselves to grow and realize their personal potential.

The ones whose greatest fear isn't that they aren’t acknowledged or recognized but that they feel ordinary.

Silent Strength or S&S was designed to be a line you wear to visualize and remind yourself of your inner strength, your inner capabilities yet to be reached. Thanks to Stephen’s open mind, we were able to make something from ground zero into something that becomes a symbol for a very focused group of people. Much more coming soon from this brand.